EICMA: At last! Honda’s new CRF 250L and Rally

17YM CRF250 Rally

We love 250cc off-road bikes at CMG, and we’ve been waiting for an update to the trusty CRF250 for a while now. Honda’s just announced two at EICMA: a “regular” CRF 250L and a CRF 250 Rally.

The L is the dirt bike and the new Rally is the adventure bike. The new 250L has a bit more power and torque (24 hp and 19 lbs.-ft.) than the 2016, thanks to new fuel mapping and throttle bodies, as well as a new digital dash display with tachometer and fuel gauge.

The Rally is the keenly-anticipated bike and while it’s built on the 250L bike, it’s designed around the CRF 450 Rally racing bike. There’s a “floating” windshield, upper and lower fairing and radiator shrouds, hand guards, and an asymmetrical LED headlight.

It also has standard dual-channel ABS, which will allow the rider to turn off ABS to the rear wheel – great on gravel slopes.

Seat height is a lofty 895 mm on the Rally – 20 mm taller than the 250L, while ground clearance is 15 mm higher. The 10.1-litre fuel tank on both editions should give a range of about 320 km.



  1. Very nice bike. As a previous owner of a WR250X, i’d love to take my hand on a small adventure bike. I rode the CRF250L on a demo ride. I’ll buy this CRF250 Rally in a heartbeat … if it comes with the Yamaha engine. 24 hp? I’ll have to take it to a ride before thinking of buying it.

  2. Didn’t Honda get the message in the 80’s when they tried to add weight and breakable plastics to their street and trail XL line up ? We all know how well the Honda NX650 and the NX250 flew off the show room floors (NOT !)

      • I’m hoping to go to the Edmonton Motorcycle Show in January. Maybe they will have one on the showroom floor to look at. Lots of choices in the small bike market now. Suzuki with the wee wee strom 250cc, Kawasaki with the 300 Versys, BMW with the 310 Adventure.
        I’m glad that I waited to purchase a new small bike. With all the new offerings out now, it’s a great time to be in the market.

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