Intermot: Honda shows new CB1100RS, CB1100EX

Honda has announced an updated version of its CB1100EX retro, as well as a new version the CB1100RS.

First off, the new bike: The CB1100RS has the same inline-four as the EX, but it has redesigned chassis geometry and upgraded suspension to make it handle more like an aggressive naked bike, and less like a leisurely throwback. It sounds as if the frame itself might not be changed, but the seating position moves the rider forward, and remote reservoir shocks combined with 43 mm Showa dual-bending forks mean the bike is now set up for sharper handling.

Speaking of that dual-bending fork technology — Harley-Davidson also used the same idea on their 2017 models, so this tech might be becoming standard on retro machines.

The engine, as far as we know, is basically unchanged, but the intake and exhaust systems have been updated, most likely due to emissions standards.

Here's the redesigned CB1100RX.
Here’s the redesigned CB1100RX.

The RS model also gets 17-inch cast aluminum wheels and dual Tokico four-piston brake calipers up front (radially-mounted).

The CB1100EX gets new stainless steel 18-inch spoked wheels, Showa forks and shocks. It also gets a redesigned gas tank.

Both bikes get LED lighting and a slipper clutch.


  1. I have one of the CB1100 from 2013 and I love it,
    I love the new CB1100 RS sound.
    How is the price.
    My first bike was a 1973 350 four,750 four, K5, 750 shadow shaft drive, 2002 shadow,love the honda.

  2. When I last rode this “retro” bike it was in every way a very capable modern bike that didn’t need braking or suspension improvements, but as lovely as the engine was, it could have used more power.

    Honda’s clearly thought otherwise…

    • 1st, i don’t want to start an internet fight with ya LoL

      I think it depends on where you are in you love affair with the bike. Me, 30 years ago i couldn’t afford to have one of these, so I had little Suzuki GS’s and dual sports. 20 years ago, I wanted excitement and speed, so I had plastic rockets. Few years back I wanted to go exploring off the paved road again so I went back to a dual sport, now I just want to go for ride, and bikes like CB1100 are very appealing to me. As is the Bonnie. I would love to have a vintage CB1000 or GS1100 but i don’t have the desire to be wrenching on old bikes. I want to turn the key, swing a leg over, and go for a ride. A ride with modern brakes, suspension, rubber, handling and fueling that has retro looks and works like a new bike should. Somewhere near a 100hp is plenty for me now days. I liked how it looked then, like how it looks now.

      I’m thinking your not in that mode right now, or you may never be, and that’s cool. We all enjoy riding for different reasons.

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