Coming up: Ninja 300 Series

This is how it’s done. Halifax’s Adam Roberts gets ready to lap Jacob Black. Again.

It’s time to go racing!

We’ve been invited by Kawasaki to race in the Ninja 300 Series next weekend, as part of the Canadian Superbike double-header event at Mosport, sorry, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park August 20 and 21. We’re getting excited!

JP Schroeder, aka Mr. Cool Dude, demonstrates what he thinks of Jacob Black.

CMG’s ringer will be JP Schroeder, well-known to readers as a very fast Quebec amateur racer who’ll wring every last horsepower out of the little green Ninja. He’s been instructed to win at any cost, so the pressure’s on.

Mind you, the pressure’s on for everyone else, too. After its inaugural season of racing, the series champion will be crowned on the Sunday; there’s only one point in it with just those two races left to run.

Eric Quintin, the 50-year-old experienced guy, has a precarious lead over Brandon Pemberton, the kid from Nova Scotia, with 369 points over 368. Brandon’s been getting faster with every race, but both the weekend’s races could go either way.

Jacob Black has a style all his own on two wheels.

Of course, JP’s going to try to beat them – he has a season of racing his Honda CBR250R this year as practice. His real mission, though, is to whup the other media racer in the pack: the evil Jacob Black of

Jacob is young and keen and fast and Australian, so it’s essential that we let him know who’s boss. But we’re not worried. We’ve seen Jacob’s unscuffed knee-sliders and pristine, tightly-stretched leathers. He’s been getting in some practice recently with flat-trackers, but we’re looking forward to teaching him how the real men race up here in Canada.

Watch out for updates all weekend, here and on FaceBook and Twitter. The full report will be here at CMG on Monday, August 22. Read all about our victory then!


  1. So where did the two guys leading the “series” get all their points? 368 is an awful lot – there must be 20 races to get that many.

    • Scotty is right about two races a weekend, and I’m pretty sure there are qualifying points as well. Shame there are so few running; there was lots of interest last fall but Kawasaki didn’t make up its mind about anything until a month or two before the season. Amazing anyone got into it, really, considering that.

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