The Race Diaries, Part 5

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JP avec silly hat.

At the Mosport round we thought it would be a good opportunity to have a chat with some of the other racers in our class and find out a bit about what we can expect come the big day.

The series is currently led by JP Schroeder on his BMW R1100S, which has a Staintune pipe and K&N air filters fitted to produce 93 bhp at the rear wheel on the dyno. Other tune up modifications include braided lines & racing pads and thicker aluminum rocker covers in place of the stock magnesium ones. He’s also managed to get the BMW Cup kit from Europe which includes a new tail section, carbon fibre cylinder head protectors (which don’t grab like the metal heads in extreme cornering), front flasher covers & race plate and a belly pan. Very schlick.

As far as the suspension goes, it’s all stock (which is taller than ours as he has the sport model), which he reckons is fine so long as the track is smooth. His model is also sans ABS as he found that it had a tendency to come on a bit too early, thereby reducing maximum braking potential a tad (although I’m still happy to have it with my fist o’ ham).

He has had the dubious privilege of crashing and reckons that overall it crashes pretty well with the exception of the rear subframe mount, which is prone to breaking on the main frame. Anybody who’s tried welding aluminium, especially in hard to get at places will know how much of a pain this can be (and it’s also not as strong next time round).

But enough on the Beemer, what does he thin of the Buells? Apparently they can have mechanical break downs (especially the motors) which can take them out of the race, but they are a determined bunch, and do show for every race.

Darren James does a double take as Editor ‘arris tries to get him to throw the race for $0.27 and a year’s membership to CMG-RC.

Okay, so what does the main Buell competitor have to say? Darren James has only been racing for two years but his Buell S1 bears the number 1 plate, showing ultimate racing success from last year. Modifications include a new carb, air filter, headers & exhaust and porting and polishing of the cylinder head. Maximum horsepower? 93 as well. The front suspension has been given the Gold Valve and Progressive spring treatment and there’s a set of EBC pads front and rear. It’s also shod with a pair of Dunlop 207’s which he seems to be very happy with.

When asked about the mechanical problems he has experienced a burnt piston and a warped head, and once managed to snap a shifter which is minor, unless you’re in the middle of a race and then it’s pretty terminal. However, overall he’s happy with it, especially with the handling which holds up very well in the corners. In fact he reckons that the BMW’s have the advantage on the straight, but lose out to the Buells in the twisties.

And crashing? Well at the end of last year he got t-boned in the Pro-Twins class which shattered his arm, and with the scars to prove it. Oh dear, hopefully we’ll finish this series in better shape!

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