Tokyo Show: Yamaha MWT-9

Yamaha’s answer to the Honda Neowing leaning trike is the MWT-9. Still officially in concept mode —but looking very finished — the MWT-9 uses an inline triple 849 cc motor, with two wheels up front. It looks much like someone slapped the TriCity front end onto an FZ-09.

Yamaha calls this front-end set up ‘outward positioned front suspension forks ‘ that allow for maximum lean angle. If you watch the video below you’ll see that they essentially use two USD fork tubes mounted to one side of each wheel, the assembly is then mounted to the chassis via a pivoting wishbone to allow the lean.

The whole front end is quite slim as a result and the styling rather Transformer-esque. With a growing interest in leaning trikes maybe we’ll finally see BRP pull out its leaning Spyder that sits somewhere gathering dust in some Quebec shed …


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  1. I think the Fork Tubes are on the wrong side. To offset the twisting force on the tubes it would be better to have the forks on the inside of the wheel along with the brake router.
    Or have a fork on each side so there is no twisting force. Looks like there will be some serious wear happening there. I agree more effort is needed in the splash proofing on the knees and legs. Something like this could be real cool if it had hard bags and a trunk for touring or just getting the groceries. Add a radio ect. They been working on this for a long time. Not sure why. Piaggio MP3 has done a great job with balance, lean angle ect. They just need more motor.

    Yamaha the real winner would be a Can Am style 3 wheeler that leans. That would get a lot of att………
    seems the Japanese need some off shore marketing help as of late !!!!!!


  2. Brilliant design!
    For those of you who are tired of the splashes from rain puddles going to waste on the engine. Now, with two front wheels spaced just far enough apart to fully soak your knees. You can be drenched much sooner!

  3. Interesting. Unfortunately it’s got the “insectoid on acid” styling that’s all the rage in the Land Of The Rising Sun these days. If it looked a little less Mothra and more friendly, it may attract a lot of people (millennials, perhaps?) who want some fun but aren’t ready for the full motorcycle commitment yet.

    The roads here in Canada are getting more crowded, oily and rutted every year, it seems, false promises by the Grits notwithstanding. More traction and stability in the front is a good safety feature. The triple engine gives enough thrust to run at highway speeds and stay out of the way of Oscar Grope and his Blindmobile, while it’s still narrow enough to miss most of the bumps on the road.

    I’d definitely try it: It’s a new dimension in riding a “real” motorcycle that’s worth exploring.

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