Honda unveils new concept bikes

EV-Cub Concept

Honda has unveiled four interesting new concept bikes they intend to display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Of most interest to North American markets — Big Red is displaying a black sportbike they’re labeling the “Light Weight Super Sports Concept.”

They say it’s “a concept model for a next-generation super sport model.”Some media sites are trumpeting that this is Honda’s next quarter-litre entry-level bike, but that doesn’t sound very Super Sporty to us. However, their marketing spiel says the bike has “a sense of speed that comes from its long nose and low crouching position,” so maybe it will indeed have more show than go. Development of this concept could be very interesting to watch.

Honda's "Light Weight Super Sports Concept."
Honda’s “Light Weight Super Sports Concept.”

There’s also a three-wheeler concept, with two wheels up front and one in rear, similar to the Can Am Spyder and Piaggio MP3. Called the NEOWING, this machine “offers the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle while realizing excellent stability in low-speed ranges.” This hybrid three-wheeler has a flat four engine, as well as electric motors; the combined powerplants “generate plentiful torque for powerful acceleration,” so maybe this three-wheeler will have a little more emphasis on performance than other models on the market.

A leaning three-wheeler from Honda? The NEOWING concept seems to show Big Red indeed has plans in this direction.
A leaning three-wheeler from Honda? The NEOWING concept seems to show Big Red indeed has plans in this direction.

Yamaha also has a leaning three-wheeler, so the idea of a Japanese machine like this isn’t as far-out as it would seem at first.

Finally, Honda also unveiled two Cub concepts, an electric commuter bike aimed at economy and ease of use.

It’s rechargeable from a standard wall socket, so it doesn’t require installation of special charging  equipment.

The EV-Cub might be new, but the idea of a battery-powered Cub has been around a while; Honda showed off an electric Cub all the way back in 2009.

Honda also showed a re-worked Super Cub at the show, which takes their iconic step-through and adds some update styling. No word on whether or not Ed March is purchasing one for his next trans-globe trip.


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  1. The Neowing does look good but the light weight super sport is the one that got my attention and what they should have produced in the first place instead of the actual CBR 250/300 or been offered side by side as the actual CBR is a good budget option , that is if it’s the rumored CBR 250 RR although same thing could be said if it was a 400/500 variant. Anyway I think they should produce it either as a replacement for the current bikes or an RR version even if it is not at the same level as the older high reving in line 4.

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