Honda teases updated CB500X, NC750X

2016 Honda NC750X

Honda’s CB500X and NC750X and Crosstourer pseudo-adventure bikes are receiving minor upgrades for 2015.

While these bikes are all really aimed at on-road use, people are taking them off-pavement to varying degrees. One of the greatest complaints when that happens is insufficient suspension. As a result both the NC750X and CB500X are getting upgrades here.

The NC750X is getting a “dual-bending” valve in the front fork. Honda says this will provide “optimal linear suspension behavior on both compression and rebound.” The NC750X also gets a new pre-load adjustable rear shock.

Like the NC750X in the title image, the CB500X also gets some changes for 2015.
Like the NC750X in the title image, the CB500X also gets some changes for 2015.

Other upgrades to the NC750X are a bigger storage compartment (to 22 litres, from 21 litres), a 70 mm taller windscreen, LED taillight and headlight, revised modes for the DCT version, and a new muffler. The bike is also going to be restyled for 2016, but they have only released a teaser photo of those changes, not giving anything away.

The CB500X also gets restyled for 2015, and receives LED headlight and taillight. There’s also a new shock, with pre-load adjustability, an adjustable brake lever, and a new gear shift mechanism that’s supposed to make the transmission easier to use. The windshield is now 100 mm taller.

Honda’s press release also indicates the VFR1200X Crosstourer is going to receive a few tweaks (adjustable windshield, revised DCT options), and will be imported to the US. Don’t get your hopes up, though: Honda Canada hasn’t said anything about availability here yet.


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  1. To Honda Canada: I am a long time Hondaphile, having owned 4 different Honda cars /vans, two outboards, a lawn mower, water pump, rototiller and 5 motorcycles over the years. I still own an ’84 Ascot VT500FT, however my primary ride is not a Honda, but a DL650K5, which is such a perfectly fine motorcycle that no bike in its class (either available at the time, nor to come along since) has enticed me off of it. What I really want though is a bike just like it, but a Honda. Neither the Varadero nor the Africa Twin are what I’m looking for, but make the Crosstour available here around the price point of the VFR800F it shares an engine with, and THAT WOULD DO IT!

    • I have a boatload of Honda products myself and wish they would listen to me too. While they are updating LED headlights, why not put some in the Goldwing and free up some room for the power windscreen from the ST1300. Simple and almost free overdue improvement.

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