Update: CFMOTO in Canada for 2015, dealer network expanding

In 2014, we told you CMI was planning to sell CFMOTO motorcycles in Canada, but we never heard much more about that plan and thought it might have fallen by the wayside. That’s not the case.

CMI had their CFMOTO motorcycles on display at the show circuit again this season, indicating they plan on continuing to develop the Canadian market. We only saw the 650TNK naked bike at the Moncton show, but the 650NK tourer also continues to be listed at their website. The machines are made in China, but have high-end components from companies like KYB, Marelli and even Ducati. They’re not your typical 200 cc Chinese motorcycle.

We sent them an email with some questions about the company’s plans; here’s what they replied.

1). There are two motorcycles listed on your site, the 650NK and the 650TK. Are there plans to bring any other bikes in, or will you focus on these two machines? –At the present, we are focusing on those two. But if we plan on bringing other ones, we will let you know.

2). Does the five-year warranty on these motorcycles limit mileage, or is it unlimited mileage?-The warranty is a five year ‘limited’ warranty and  has a limit of 15,000 kilometers.

3). Will you have dealers carrying motorcycles in every province? –We have dealers in Quebec, Alberta and in the Maritimes that carry them. We are currently expending our dealer network and have hired new District Sales Manager in Ontario and out West. We expect to have dealers in Ontario to carry our bikes. In some provinces, there are specials requirements for dealers to carry on road products. Can all your dealers service the bikes, and order them in?- Any dealer that meets the provincial qualifications can order the bike and service them.

4). Are both bikes available right now, or are they waiting for Transport Canada approval? –Yes both bikes are available and have been approved by Transport Canada.


  1. China has taken over the world market, yet can’t build a toaster that lasts more than 6 months. I’ll be copulated if you ever catch me with a China spec motorcycle in my garage! I’ll pay the extra $1000 and get a Jap, Kraut or Yank bike for the safety, reliability and resale value any day.

  2. CFMOTO in canada. It seem everyone forgotten what they did in the USA 2 years ago to anyone whom had one of there scooters. They screw them over dumping the whole cfmoto scooter network . Stop answering those dealers emails . Stop selling the parts etc. Guess I m saying why would I trust a company whom does that. Whats to stop them doing it again ? Not much

  3. The only motorcycle dealer within 150 miles of me is a CF Moto dealer. He has the two models in stock but hasn’t sold any in a year. I sat on them and they seem decent. I have no idea what they are like to ride or reliability. At least this dealer is trying and does well with their four wheelers. For the price of them I would still probably go for a Japanese bike.

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