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Welcome to Friday Fudge. If it’s weird, funny, or strange motorcycle news, or it just plain won’t fit anywhere else on the site – you’ll find it here.

Mad stuntz

Do you live in BC? Do you know a motorcyclist who’s talented at riding down escalators? If so, the Surrey RCMP want to talk to you.

Last month, police say a man riding dangerously through the Guildford area actually went into a mall and rode down an escalator. On a Harley-Davidson. And, they’re looking for him.

The incident leaves us with more questions, though. Like, why an escalator? And why a Harley-Davidson? Didn’t the rider know that it would be helpful to have more than three inches of suspension? Was this the revived corpse of Evel Knievel? Or perhaps that stuntman who jumped the Fat Boy in Terminator II?

Source: Peace Arch News

Ski madness

Here’s a sport that Editor Kurylyk and his buddies claim to have pioneered in rural PEI, except they used a car, not bikes, and spent a lot of time dodging cow patties and potatos.

Load of bull

There are some things you just don’t see coming – like a massive bull, who wants to crush you and your motorcycle.

Improper parenting

A kid riding through a wall of snow? Sort of funny, sure. But, when you see that sort of thing on YouTube, it’s usually a bunch of listless youths looking for fun. Not this girl, though! Her parents, apparently, put her up to it, so they could film it, leaving us to say she is definitely going to have an interesting childhood.


  1. Concur with McGarvy. A WOT could have ended in a metal or brick fence. A little more room would be safer. But looks like fun, alas I’m in Victoria, so no snow walls for me.

  2. I think goggles would have been in order, and maybe do it in a location that’s not quite so tightly confined by a brick wall, otherwise looks like fun. She certainly thought so. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t call the last video improper parenting… She had a helmet on and was clearly into the whole event. It was actually her idea as she wanted to submit the video to the AFV show.

    • Gotta agree, Terence. Calling that a ‘wall’ of snow is generous; it was well designed to part ways at the lightest impact. I call that effective parenting. Learning how to calculate/mitigate risk is one of life’s greatest skills to develop. Dad got her to reduce throttle and go forth when ready. Kudos.

      • Thanks Trane.

        Jim guessed correctly too. As a daily reader of CMG for the past 15 years, I was surprised to see the video we sent to AFV show up in the Friday Fudge. The show now posts approved submissions to their YouTube account which is made public. I guess Zac found it.

        Zac is also right. She has an interesting childhood and will continue to. At age 5, after watching teenagers jump off two metre high waterfalls into a river, she wanted to jump too. I checked that it was safe, made her wear a lifejacket and had an adult spotter both above and below the falls. Safety first, closely followed by fun.

        • Oh, wow. That’s YOUR kid? Absolutely rockin’! Well done, dad! I did all kinds of stupid crap when I was growing up. Most of it was unsupervised and less than ideal. I think your approach to risk-mitigated dare-devilry will result in a kid with a highly tuned understanding of how to take care of the unexpected/unwanted stuff that opens the way to just having a ball.

          Seriously. Well and truly done. No dramatic PTA posturing from me going to happen.

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