USA could get new “Scramblecross” series

According to a press release that came across our desk yesterday, the creator of the AMA Arenacross series is starting a new racing venture.

Mike Kidd, one of the builders behind the hugely successful stadium MX series that’s arguably \North America’s most popular motorcycle racing series, says he is creating a new racing form he calls Scramblecross. Scramblecross is every similar to the original motocross concept, an outdoor off-road race over natural obstacles.

Kidd says the idea behind the series is to make off-roading more accessible to riders who don’t want high-speed, technical racing, saying it will fit between motocross and cross-country racing. There will be different classes for riders of different backgrounds, and expert class winners will get purse money. There will be 10 events in 2015.

However, it’s worth noting this isn’t the first press release from the Mike Kidd Sports Agency this year promising a new race series. Last fall, the Mike Kidd Sports Agency made much ballyhoo about their supposed involvement in a rejuvenated North American supermoto series, sanctioned by the FIM and the AMA. When the dust settled, the AMA denied any involvement with the plan, leaving everyone wondering what on earth happened. The AMA and FIM aren’t named in this Scramblecross concept, though, so it’s possible the races will happen. The real question is, although Kidd seems to want to build another big-time series, with all the inaugural races near Dallas, Texas, will North American race fans even care?

However – the last couple years have seen a resurgence of this sort of thing; fun, down-to-earth events aimed at the weekend warrior (particularly in the world of flat track). Maybe Kidd has the right idea at the right time once more.

Find out more about Scramblecross here.

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