Steph Jeavons is headed for Antarctica

Last summer, we told you about adventure rider Steph Jeavons and her ambitious plan to visit all seven continents. Now, we’re telling you she’s managed to raise enough money for the Antarctica voyage, and she’s en route.

Jeavons caught a lot of folks’ attention last year when she announced her plan to ride around the world on a Honda CRF250L, even planning to visit Antarctica. For a while, it appeared she might not make it to the frozen continent, but everything has come together, and she’s loaded her bike (Rhonda the Honda) aboard a boat and is headed south.

The Honda is well-wrapped in plastic and coated in WD-40; hopefully, Jeavons will be able to tootle around Antarctica, if even for just a few minutes, aboard the machine, as it would be quite an achievement for her to pull off aboard the quarter-litre duallie.

Want more details of Jeavons’ most excellent trip? Check out her blog here, including many photos of her shipboard preparations for the trip to Antarctica.

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