Help Steph Jeavons get to Antartica


A few months ago we told you about Steph Jeavons, who’s headed around the world on a Honda CRF250L. Now, you can help her out.

Steph is trying to visit all seven continents on her motorcycle; obviously, the tricky one will be Antarctica, but she’s found herself a boat ride to the frozen continent. What she hasn’t found (yet) is the money to pay for it. But, that’s where you can come in.

Steph has a page up on GoFundMe where she’s trying to raise the dough for the boat ride to Antarctica. She’s also raising money for Rally4Life. You can read all the details of her plan here.

Steph is planning to ride across Canada at some point during her trip, so consider helping her out during her trip across our country, maybe by giving her a place to camp or something.


  1. Steph – Hope you are able to make it. I took a look at your travel route through Canada. I don’t know whether there is any flexibility in your plans – but I would strongly encourage you to consider the Trans-Canada section that hugs the northern shoreline of Lake Superior. It will be much more interesting and scenic than the one you’ve selected below the big lake.

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