Video: Ice wheelie record

Once again, our American counterparts have put Canadian motorcyclists to shame. While Canucks huddle in our frosty hovels, arguing about hockey and whether Justin Trudeau or Stephen Harper has more offensive hair, the Yanks have been out riding.

Or rather, make that one American in particular, a fellow by the name of Ryan Suchanek, of Edgerton, Wisconsin. Suchanek lost a part of his leg in a motorcycle accident a while back, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting his sights on an unusual speed record – world’s fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice. Apparently the Guinness Book of World Records will sanction anything these days.

But props to Suchanek! He’s held this record before, and he managed to use his 2013 Kawasaki ZX-10R to retake it with a 117.5 mph run (with an exit speed of 122 mph) late last month. See two videos of the attempt below.


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