Video: Red light runner

If you needed further proof that cars are out to kill us, watch the video below.

It’s a familiar story – motorcyclist sees green light, assumes it’s safe to proceed, gets taken out. The rider survived, partly due to wearing full gear, but the bike doesn’t survive the incident.

Now, for most Canadians, this warning comes a few months early  – even the most hardcore Canucks are kept off the roads for most of the winter due to snow and ice. But it’s a warning we all need to take seriously – never, ever expect a driver to follow the rules. Especially if you live in Montreal – but that’s another story.


    • That’s obvious Rick. Only a Noob leaves a green light with the expectation of someone who is obviously distracted, most likely texting, to sail through the intersection. The car won, he a scrape on his bumper and the motorcycle is most likely a write off with a bent frame. Never trust a cager and never trust a green light.

  1. Noob. Just because the light was green doesn’t mean you actually get the right of way.
    IMHO that was the motorcyclist fault for not looking or using a blocking vehicle.

  2. This shows why it’s a good idea to never be the first one through the intersection.

    My guess is that the car driver was on his/her phone.

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