Report: Polaris seeing production issues on some models

According to custom bike blogger Cyril Huze, Polaris is getting behind on production for a few motorcycles, as well as their new three-wheeler.

Huze says Victory has missed production goals for the Magnum custom bagger, the Indian Scout, two-tone Indian Chiefs and the Slingshot three-wheeler. Polaris CEO Scott Wine apparently addressed the issue in a conference call after this week’s news of the company’s huge financial growth in 2014.

According to Huze, Wine said buyers might have to wait until the middle of 2015 before they can receive their Slingshot or Scout. He also said 175 dealers have signed up to carry Indian – an impressive number, but he then said 330 dealers have signed on to sell the Slingshot – a staggering number, considering the vehicle itself is a fairly unproven concept.

The Slingshot’s shortage could possibly be because the vehicle’s recall problem means production is backlogged, checking over machines under construction. The Magnum, a factory custom bagger, is probably more time-consuming to build than your standard cruiser, and the two-tone paint Chiefs are also likely being held up because the paint option means construction is  more time-consuming. The Scout is a completely different platform from the other Indian models, which probably contributes greatly to its production woes.


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