MV Agusta releases Canadian pricing

MV Agusta has announced their pricing for the Canadian market.

Prices, generally speaking, are going up. Buyers might not like that, but the Canadian dollar has been slipping (you can thank OPEC and falling oil prices for that). A weak dollar means manufacturers have to raise prices, but MV Agusta is helping to offset the hike by offering the first two years of schedule maintenance in the purchase price. That will lessen the sting.

All the bikes below are available now, but you’ll notice the Turismo Veloce and Turismo Veloce Lusso models are absent. They won’t be here until July of 2015. We haven’t been given an official price tag on those models yet, but working off of numbers we’ve seen from other markets, we’d guess they’ll come in around $19,000 and $22,000 respectively.

2015 MV Agusta Canadian pricing

F3 675 ABS – $17,435
F3 800 ABS – $18,925
Brutale 675 ABS – $14,595
Brutale 800 ABS – $15,295
Brutale 800 RR ABS – $17,095
Brutale Dragster 800 ABS – $16,895
Brutale Dragster 800 ABS – $19,995
Rivale 800 ABS – $17,995
Stradale 800 ABS – $16,995
F4 ABS – $22,225
F4RR ABS – $29,995 (Corrected! originally posted as $22,995)
Brutale RR ABS – $21,655
Brutale Corsa ABS – $25,645


  1. But euro is way down against US dollar Joel if that matters. Even if they come to Canada via the US which seems unlikely the US role should cancel in/out. Euro is up against Canadian dollar over the last year as Hellcat said so exchange effect should be to go lower price in Canadian. $1.40 now vs $1.445 a year ago.

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