Captain America sale falls through

According to The Vintagent, the sale of the famous Captain America chopper has fallen through.

Back in October, the only surviving chopper from the fleet of counterculture classic film Easy Rider was sold for an $1.35 million at auction. Or at least, it was said to be sold. Doubts on the bike’s authenticity were raised after the sale, and it’s alleged the buyer backed out after that.

After the bike’s sale, several people, supposedly including actor Peter Fonda, said the machine sold wasn’t the original stunt bike from the film (all the other bikes were stolen and likely chopped for parts). The confusion centres around the fact that actor Dan Haggerty has owned two similar bikes and allegedly at various times claimed each of them was the authentic article.

It’s worth noting The Vintagent is sponsored by Bonham’s, an auction house competing with the outfit that sold the Captain America bike.

In reply to the article, someone claiming to be Michael Eisenberg (the bike’s seller), has a comment in The Vintagent’s article that says (among other things) that he intends “to litigate and turn the negative into a positive. I am perhaps destined to keep the bike and display it publicly in a world class museum.” If the comment is really true, it’ll be interesting to see the fallout, as there could be several actors’ names mixed up in all of it when it comes to court.


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