Easy Riders chopper sells for record price

Sure, McGarry's plot sounds like it's straight from Easy Rider - but anyone who's seen that movie knows it didn't exactly have a happy ending either.

About a month ago, we told you the famous Captain America chopper from Easy Riders was going to auction. Now we’re telling you it’s sold – for a record price.

As motorcycles go, there’s probably no bike more iconic than the Captain America, a chopped, chromed and star-spangled former police-issue Panhead that Peter Fonda rode in the classic counter-culture film Easy Riders. There were two versions of the bike built for filming; one was stolen after shooting ended, the other was destroyed in a stunt for the film. After the film, that bike was rebuilt; actor Dan Haggerty owned it for some time; but it was California businessman Michael Eisenberg who eventually put it up for auction at Profiles in History auction house.

Decades later, the bike that was sold as police surplus has now set a record for a motorcycle at auction, hauling in $1.35 million US; after auction fees, the total was $1.62 million. Considering the dead state of the chopper industry these days, that’s pretty good coin. Of course, it helps when you’re offering the real thing for sale, instead of a “theme bike” that’s really just built to sell T-shirts.


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