European Junior Cup adds female sub-class

The European Junior Cup will have a sub-class for female racers in the 2015 season.

The EJC doesn’t make a lot of headlines throughout the year, but it’s an important feeder series to bigger European racing series. There were eight EJC events in 2014, running alongside the World Superbike championship’s European stops last season. The EJC is aimed at developing riders, like 14-year-old Braeden Ortt from Calgary.

There were two regular female racers in the 2014 EJC series, and one wild-card entry. Now, there will be a whole sub-class for female riders, as series organizers try to attract more serious competition. The female riders will race not only for the series trophy, but also for their own Women’s European Cup. The female series will allow riders as old as 23.

Male racers will also see their age limit increased for 2015, up to 21 years old, from 19. The series will be running race-prepped Honda CBR650s next year, instead of the CBR500s they raced this year.

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