Honda shows off RC213V-S prototype, adventure prototype – with photos!

Honda has unveiled their RC213V-S and new adventure bike at EICMA, but both machines are only at the prototype stage.

Coming into this week’s show at Milan, there was a lot of speculation we’d see the final production version of Honda’s long-rumoured street-legal MotoGP bike, the RC213V-S. Sadly, that isn’t the case – all Editor ‘Arris got was a prototype, and details on that were pretty slim. Honda says the machine was “Inspired by, and developed with input from many legendary GP riders,” and that “the RC213V-S Prototype is set to be the ultimate road going motorcycle.”

However, we don’t have a spec sheet or anything else for the new bike, or even an availability timeline. More details may come later this morning from Honda Canada; if so, we’ll let you know.

Here's Honda's new adventure bike prototype.
Here’s Honda’s new adventure bike prototype.

Honda was also expected to unveil a new adventure bike at EICMA. For months, there was gossip it would either be a new Africa Twin, or a duallie version of the CB500 platform. Turns out the new bike does have a twin-cylinder motor, but we don’t know much else.

Although he would have liked more details, our British editor-in-chief managed to keep a stiff upper lip and reports both prototypes look very finished, and he wouldn’t be surprised to see either on the market soon.


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  1. It’s nice to see Honda come out with some hardcore equipment. They need to keep it up to regain the respect they have lost lately. How about a new Wing, sport tourer and XRL bikes.

  2. Looks like the Adventure prototype may be DCT. No clutch lever or gearshift visible and in the rearview shot you can see a minus button on the left switch housing. hmmmmm

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