Oliepeil infiltrates EICMA, again, photographs Aprilia, KTM bikes

Every year, the wags at Dutch moto-mag Oliepeil manage to sneak into EICMA and photograph some bike they weren’t supposed to see. This year, they managed to get snaps of new Aprilia machines.

Oliepeil photographed both the new Aprilia RSV4 and RSV4 RF – no word yet on what the difference between the bikes is. The RSV4 was snapped in a bit of a state of undress, it seems, while the RSV4 RF photo indicates nothing more than the fairing graphics.

Aprilia’s new machines will be unveiled tomorrow, but you can visit Oliepeil’s site here and use Google Translate if you want to find out more about their escapades.

Along with the new Aprilias, Oliepeil also managed to photograph a bit of KTM’s booth, showing KTM’s hush-hush 1050 Adventure. It’s a limited pic, but proves Team Orange plans to unveil the bike this week.


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