Aprilia shows big-bored Tuono RR

After showing off an advance teaser image a few days ago, Aprilia gave us the rest of the story on their Tuono RR 1100 today, and it’s a very exciting story indeed.

As we’d been told, the new bike is built around an 1100 cc motor, putting peak horsepower at 175 hp. That’s a lot of ponies for a naked bike, although some might argue the Tuono resembles a naked bike less and less every year – there’s a RSV4 tailpiece on this year’s bike, the headlights are similar to the RSV4 and there’s almost a full fairing on the motorcycle as well, if you start to add up all the plastic bits.

Back to the horsepower! Knowing that electronics matter as much these days as raw muscle, Aprilia included their upgraded APRC electronics package on the bike. They’ve also updated the ergonomics, moving handlebars, pegs and seat around to supposedly fit riders better, although that sort of thing is often simple individual taste.

Here's what the Factory version looks like.
Here’s what the Factory version looks like.

Even if you’ve got tons of power and the electronic brains to manage it, you’ve still got to put that power to the ground efficiently. That’s what keeps people like the smart folks at Sachs in business, and they supplied the suspension for the standard Tuono RR 1100.

But what of the Tuono V4 1100 Factory? The sheer madness of 175 hp on a naked bike is not enough for some, it seems, so Aprilia took the extravagance one step further and added Ohlins forks and shock to the Factory bike, along with trick brakes (from Brembo, like the RR version) and forged aluminum wheels. Of course, it gets a different paint scheme as well.

We don’t know Canadian pricing or availability for Aprilia’s 2015 models yet.

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