Aprilia RSV4 RR: More power, less weight

Aprilia has updated their superbike lineup with an updated RSV4 RR and the new RSV4 RF.

There’s plenty new to talk about with the RSV4 RR – new bodywork, new LED lighting, new mirrors with integrated turn signals and new electronics package that includes a telemetry system. But the biggest news is likely the motor’s jump in horsepower. The RSV4RR now makes 201 hp, up 16 hp from the previous model.

Those extra ponies will propel the RSV4 RR to the forefront of the Euro superbike wars. Aprilia made several changes to the motor to get the extra power; the engine now has redesigned titanium valves, a new camshaft, lighter con rods, an updated cylinder head, and a new intake system (upgraded airbox, injectors, intake ducts).

The 4-2-1 exhaust system was also redesigned to make extra power, and the chassis was slightly tweaked (longer swingarm) to help reduce wheelies. The APRC electronics package was also updated to help riders control the more powerful machine, with traction control, wheelie control and launch control.

The RSV4 RF comes with the Race Pack as standard, and with superpole livery.
The RSV4 RF comes with the Race Pack as standard, and with superpole livery.

The stock RSV4 RR has Sachs forks, shock and steering damper and three-spoke aluminum alloy rims, but the Race Pack (extra money, of course) gives buyers five-spoke forged aluminum wheels and Ohlins suspension and steering damper.


What about the RSV4 RF? The main differences between this model and the RR are different paint and the Race Pack as standard, not an option. There will only be 400 of these bikes made.

Dry weight for these machines is 180 kg. Fuel capacity is 18.5 litres.


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