Bold New Graphics: Euro cruisers get styling updates, special editions

Triumph Rocket X

While EICMA is traditionally a battleground where the manufacturers try to one-up each other with faster and sportier motorcycles, what about the cruiser segment?

There were several new cruisers unveiled at EICMA today, all variants of existing models, and nothing too exciting. Here are some more details. Photos are at the bottom of the story – be sure to check out the Guzzi concept.

Triumph Rocket X

The Rocket X is Triumph’s 10th anniversary commemorative edition for their three-cylinder cruiser. They didn’t do anything crazy  to it, like strap on a supercharger or something (We wish!). Instead, the Rocket X gets a custom paint job from the 8 Ball paint shop. It follows the same blacked-out paint scheme that started with bikes like Suzuki’s B.O.S.S. lineup and the Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron.

Along with the dark colouring, the Rocket X paint gets some sort of “grinded” finish, which is supposed to make it look like someone worked the bike over with a grinder. Apparently, people will pay extra for just about anything.

It’ll be on the market next spring; we’re guessing a few token machines will make it to Canada

Triumph Thunderbird Nightstorm

The blacked-out theme continues with the Thunderbird Nightstorm. Hoo Rah! This bike gets a “ghost flame” paint scheme that extends to just about every surface.

Other than the black paint, however, everything else is the same as a standard Thunderbird.

Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring SE

The Touring SE is identical to the standard California 1400 Touring except for the addition of a chromed sissy bar and fork tubes and two-tone paint.

Moto Guzzi  Eldorado

The Eldorado has all sorts of retro parts bolted so the rider feels like they’re transported a few decades back into history. Want white-wall tires? You got it. Want wire wheels? Your wish is granted. What about chrome fuel tank badges, a big, wide seat, big buckhorn handlebars, big wraparound fenders or an old-school taillight? Done, done and done.

The Eldorado has 16-inch wheels, giving it a low stance – just the thing the cruiser market seems to want these days.

Moto Guzzi Audace

Annnnnnnnnnnd, the blacked-out treatment is back. The Audace gets buckets of black paint thrown at it, and also has the floorboards removed in favour of forward controls. Moto Guzzi seems to be going for the muscle bike look here, with a fat rear tire, wide handlebar and low seat.

Moto Guzzi MGX-21

The MGX-21 is a concept bike Moto Guzzi was showing off at EICMA today.  Big front wheels are popular in the custom motorcycle scene these days (think: American baggers). Guzzi decided to tease the public with their own take on this concept, complete with a 21-inch front wheel

It is a sad day, dear readers, when the world’s adventure bikes are coming with 19-inch and 17-inch wheels and cruisers come with 21-inch front wheels.


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