Update: Daimler, MV Agusta hookup not a done deal

Earlier today, we told you what the gossip online has been saying: That auto conglomerate Daimler is about to purchase a chunk of MV Agusta. Now we have confirmation that deal isn’t done yet, but they are indeed working on it.

CMG’s man on the ground, Costa Mouzouris, was at the Dragster RR/Brutale 800 RR launch this week and had a chance to talk to MV Agusta head honcho Giovanni Castiglioni. Castiglioni told Costa that it’s true talks have been going on between MV Agusta and Daimler, but nothing has been signed. He told Costa these things take time, but they very much want this deal to happen.

Daimler would be purchasing a minority share, but Castiglioni didn’t say how big a chunk they would purchase if the deal went through. He did say the money would be nice, but the prestige and marketing tie-ins would also be great, dreaming of tying the MV Agusta lineup into Mercedes-AMG’s Black Series.

“If it happens, I would be the manager of the year; you can imagine it is a big deal for a small company, family owned, to sell a minority share to a huge company like Mercedes,” he told Costa.

Castiglioni actually owns a 550-hp Mercedes ML63 AMG, and is good friends with Mario Spitzner, director of branding and marketing at Mercedes-AMG, who’s also an avid rider.



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