W.C. Distributing announces Pag replacements

The Johnny Pag Malibu. Their Canadian distributor says they're hoping to bring in a 320 and 650 version of this bike.

Earlier this year, W.C. Distributing told us they’d cut their ties with Johnny Pag, and wouldn’t be distributing that brand in Canada anymore. But, they still had customers asking for those bikes, and they will continue to come into Canada – sort of.

This week, W.C. Distributing announced they would be selling Pagsta motorcycles – basically, upgraded versions of Johnny Pag motorcycles, presumably from the same Chinese factories. Instead of dual carburetors, they’ll have EFI. Supposedly, the frame, tires and paint have also all been upgraded, but as far as we know, the bikes still use the liquid-cooled, big-bored made-in-China version of Honda’s Rebel 250 motor.

In the last few years, W.C. Distributing says they had trouble supplying parts from Johnny Pag Motorcycles, due to quality inconsistency and irregular availability. They were even getting parts through Hunter Motorcycles in Australia, a company that sells an essentially identical bike. With the new deal in place, though, W.C. Distributing says they should be able to keep Johnny Pag riders on the road for a good long time.



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