The Dawn 2 Dusk runs Saturday

The faster group was ahead most of the day, but not by much. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

For all you motorcyclists who’ve been wanting to go on a 600-km ride on Saturday, but just can’t decide where to head – it’s the fourth Dawn 2 Dusk rally, and you should be there.

This year, the rally follows a route very similar to the 2012 rally, along the New Brunswick coastline and up and down the river roads around Saint John. We’ll meet at Toys for Big Boys in Moncton around 6 AM, heading out around 6:30, and end the day at the Salisbury Big Stop for supper, after dodging potholes and frost heaves all day. Could there be a more authentic Maritime experience? We doubt it.

A few notes: It sounds like our chase truck can’t make it this year, so be prepared to strap your rain suit to the back of your bike just in case, although it sounds as if weather should be really good. For those of you who want a GPS file, we will have one completed shortly; sign up at the D2D registration page and we’ll email it to you.

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