Cleveland Cyclewerks working on electric bike plans


Cleveland Cyclewerks (CCW) is working on an electric motorcycle that they’re hoping to build in the USA.

CCW is best-known for their lineup of 250 cc bikes with made-in-China origins, but classic cafe racer and chopper styling. They also have a pretty cool 450 cc supermoto that, so far, we are the only mag to review (that we know of). They’ve had their share of trouble with the EPA, like most Chinese manufacturers, but that might not be an issue any more, if they really do make like Bob Dylan and go electric.

CCW announced their plans to build an electric bike on their website a few days ago; so far, it seems there’s nothing too solid, just sketches. However, CCW has already proved they like to think outside the box, and their big boss Scott Colosimo seems to want to build this bike in the USA, getting around supply problems. And of course, emissions testing won’t be an issue if it’s battery-powered.

Still, it will take a lot more than some drawings to make this a reality. They already had some sort of electric motorcycle with trials styling they were fooling around with, but we haven’t seen that in production yet.

Overlander TV also had a piece on CCW’s battery bike plans; they recently filmed a visit around the company’s HQ, and Scott has a few things to say about the machine in the video.

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