Indian magazine claims KTM creating 390 adventure bike


According to Indian magazine Motorbeam, KTM is creating an adventure bike based on the 390 Duke.

KTM’s 390 motor has already been confirmed for their RC390 sport bike, and of course the 390 Duke is supposed to arrive in Canada someday. But while there have been rumours about the 390 version, nothing concrete has surfaced yet – no spy shots, no official confirmation.

Motorbeam says they got the heads-up on the bike’s existence from people working in KTM’s Chakan plant. That makes sense – it’s probably a lot harder to keep the wraps on that sort of machine in India, than it is in Europe. However, they don’t have any photos to back up their claims, although they have a few supplementary details.

Supposedly, the new bike will get the same motor and frame as the Duke 390, but will have 150 mm more suspension travel front and rear. They claim the machine will get proper adventure-sized wheels, not 17-inchers, as well as an adventure-style fairing, larger gas tank, and footpegs that are better suited for off-road riding. The bike will also get some sort of luggage rack and a different seat, they say; they claim the machine will show up in 2015.



  1. We might have something here. Maybe even a KLR-replacer. More horsepower, lighter, EFI etc. The only issue is KTM’s reliability and dealer support – or lack thereof.

    • I doubt anything will replace the KLR. It makes a reasonable blend of everything that people are looking for at a low low price; other bikes are lighter, more powerful, have EFI, but the KLR mixes it all together. The only thing I can see replacing it is a KLR with EFI.

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