Red Bull Romaniacs results (plus a video!)


Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

This past weekend, the Red Bull Romaniacs  hard enduro event started in Sibiu, running for four days in the Carpathian mountains. Jonny Walker was the winner (his first ever), but it wasn’t easy.

By the end of Day Four, the race had come down to Graham Jarvis vs. Walker, but Walker prevailed. A heavy rain threw Walker off during a critical hillclimb, but spectators helped him get to the top (they’re allowed to do that in this race). Walker is the youngest Romaniacs winner, at 23 years old. Jarvis finished second overall (third in the day’s racing), and Wade Young finished third. Canadian Cory Graffunder finished in eighth place.

““It’s a race that’s taken me three years to figure out,” Walker said after his win. “I was nervous this morning – I knew Jarvis would be charging – but I kept my head down and did what I needed to do. It’s awesome to have won.”

Paul Bolton actually took the win in Day Four’s racing, ahead of Walker and Jarvis, and almost ended up in the third overall podium spot, but Young ended up with a slim four-minute lead.

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