Edelweiss buys battery bikes for touring use


Motorcycle tour organizers Edelweiss have added a pack of Zero motorcycles to their fleet to offer what they call “zero-emission Alpine tours.”

Fear not, fans of the internal combustion engine: Edelweiss isn’t planning on ditching all their BMWs and Harley-Davidsons for battery bikes, at least not yet. They’ve only added four Zero S ZF11.4 and two Zero DS ZF11.4 machines to the fleet, and for now it seems they only plan on using them out of their base in Austria (sounds like something from a Bond film, eh?).

They’ve added the optional 2.8 kilowatt-hour Power Tank battery pack to extend the range; their press release claims they should be able to achieve a 200-km range in the Alps.

Regardless of how you feel about electric motorcycles, you’ve got to give Edelweiss credit for being ballsy enough to pull off this move. There’s definitely a market for battery bike tours amongst the eco-conscious, and they would offer a touring experience unlike any other, thanks to their essentially silent motors.

For more details on the Edelweiss electric tour, click here.

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