Fundy Adventure Rally reg closes in 1 week

Come ride the trails in the maritimes

Interested in riding the Fundy Adventure Rally this September? Well you now only have one week left before we close off the registration and start ordering in everything we need for this event (registration closes on 28th July at noon BTW).

To date we have 43 registered riders, of which there will be 11 teams competing for the points – which has already surpassed our expectations for the inaugural year, so it’s all looking really good. We’ll be joined by a couple of journalists; Mark Richardson for the Toronto Star and Costa Mouzouris from our own Canada Moto Guide magazine/Motorcycle Mojo.

If you are sitting on the fence as to whether to go or not and have any questions, you can contact us here. We’ve also had a few enquiries from solo riders asking if there’s a way to find a team member so they can get into the gnarlier stuff. If that sounds like you, go here, and post your request.

Otherwise, if you’re already signed up, we’ll see you in 45 days!

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