Hageman Engineering releases Bolt upgrade kit


Last summer’s long-term tester, the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec, was a lot of fun, but the suspension let us down. However, a new kit from Hageman Engineering addresses some of that problem, and also gives you a really cool look for your bike.

Hageman, formerly known as Doc’s Chops, won the 2013 Bolt Custom Build-Off in the US (you can find out more about that contest here). He put together a super-cool scrambler using the Bolt as a basis, and now he’s making some of the necessary parts available on eBay.

The kit includes a seat, a subframe, a new rear fender and number plates. He also offers an aluminum skid plate, tank decals, If you want spoked wheels, a different headlight or turn signals, or straight handlebar, or some other scrambler-esque parts, you’ll have to piece them together from other aftermarket sources.

This shot from Star Motorcycles' webpage shows the finished Bolt scrambler.
This shot from Star Motorcycles’ webpage shows the finished Bolt scrambler.

Thanks to the re-worked subframe and fender, riders are now also able to bolt on better shocks to their Bolt. Hageman recommends Work Performance units; contact them and they’ll give you advice on how to get an optimal setup for your Bolt.

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