Video: The world’s luckiest (or unluckiest) rider


Here’s a track training day video with a pretty amazing crash sequence that leaves us with a big question. Is it lucky, if you’re involved in a crash like this, and escape alive after having a flying motorcycle hit your helmet, or is it even luckier to not be involved in the accident at all?

Whichever your answer, it’s good to know everyone survived the incident, although it’s questionable if those bikes will be roadworthy anytime soon. By the way, in case you were wondering, the incident happened at the Beaverun track in Pennsylvania. The rider who crashed first supposedly has a few broken ribs and a concussion, and the guy who taped the incident and was hit by the bike supposedly has a few bumps and bruises.


  1. The Guy is wearing a T-shirt over his leathers. He is an instructor who is leading the Camera bike. The bike he hit suddenly slowed on the race track for a red flag and he swerved to avoid but didn’t quite make it.

  2. Luck?

    How about the fact that the rider that caused the accident has terrible form (perhaps a course would have been beneficial), is not following the racing line but instead criss-crossing over it, and it appears he’s wearing a tshirt.

    Why would it ever seem like a good idea to wear a shirt to an event where you plan on runnig your bike as hard and fast as possible.

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