BC man suing Saskatchewan gov’t over crash


A rider from British Columbia is suing Saskatchewan’s provincial government after a motorcycle crash that left him with serious injuries.

According to the Leader-Post newspaper, Frank Mazzei of Nainamo crashed near Southey on Highway 22 back in 2011. The wreck left him in the hospital for months, and the injuries (including a coma for a while) meant he had to resign as president of his business.

He says he now suffers brain damage, headaches, and other after effects of the crash, and he says the Saskatchewan government should pay. In his lawsuit, Mazzei says the road surface wasn’t safe, and the signage wasn’t sufficient to warn riders of the loose gravel and broken pavement.

The government has responded by saying the crash was Mazzei’s fault and that he can’t sue anyway because he didn’t provide written notice within 30 days of the crash. Mazzei’s lawyer says his client couldn’t do that because he was in a coma.

The Leader-Post says the parties tried to work out a deal through mediation last fall, but couldn’t come to an agreement, so they expect it’s all going to be hammered out in the courtroom.



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