Pedrosa says he needs more consistency

Dani Pedrosa Photo: MotoGP

For the past few years, Dani Pedrosa was always a podium threat in MotoGP action, but this year, that hasn’t been the case, even though teammate Marc Marquez has been dominant aboard the Repsol Honda, winning the first six races this year. What’s up with that?

In an interview on the MotoGP site, Pedrosa says he hasn’t been able to get the bike set up to suit him.

““You have the same components, but then it is up to you what you do with them, and in this case Marc in these first races has found the perfect configuration for himself, whereas I am struggling more at the beginning of the races,” Pedrosa said. “In the end what moves the bike is the rider, you cannot forget that. Like two people with the same trainers (shoes) will not run the same marathon.”

Pedrosa said he was focused on trying to be consistent throughout the race this season, instead of fading towards the end, which he says was a problem last year. Now, he says he’s putting together a stronger race towards the end, but not racing as well in the first half.

“I have lost some aggression in the first 20 minutes of the race. So on one hand we improved but we lost on the other side,” he said.

As for next year’s contract? Pedrosa says he wants to stay with Honda, but so far, there’s no offer on the table.



  1. He’s a loser; lots of talent, but not there. Here’s hoping somebody with the parts to chase his current team-mate has his ride in 2015.

    • Pedrosa is far from a loser. He’s one of the most successful riders on the grid. Were it not for his proclivity towards injury, he’d likely have won a championship by now. His premier-class record is impressive since joining MotoGP in 2006:

      2006: 5th
      2007: 2nd
      2008 & 2009: 3rd
      2010: 2nd
      2011: 4th
      2012: 2nd
      2013: 3rd

      • I think the point is, though, that when he’s been closest, he always seems to come up short with some sort of injury.

        • Oh, I agree completely with the coming up short due to injury. Still, if you look at his stats, his career is undeniably impressive. Few riders have matched his accomplishments during the his stay in the premier class. “Loser” definitely does not apply.

          Unfortunately, however, the ascendancy of MM93 will quite likely make Pedrosa’s dream of a MotoGP championship win unlikely.

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