Dodge the fog

Riding through cold weather can extend your season, but a fogged-up visor can be a major problem. A new product from a Canadian company might be part of the solution.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, North45 is bringing a new anti-fog scarf to market that’s designed for snowboarders and skiers. This double-layer mask, made of merino wool, uses its two-piece design to funnel your breath away from your ski goggles.

One problem with traditional face masks and scarves is that the wind can shift them around, leaving bare skin unprotected from cold wind. To keep the North45 scarf in place, a magnet embedded in the scarf can connect to a provided magnetic strip that glues to the bottom of your goggles. It’s originally designed for ski goggles, but it looks like it should be compatible with off-road goggles as well, making this a possibility for dual sport helmets.

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