Special editions: New limited-production Ducati, Ural models

Want to buy a Panigale Senna? Sorry, you've got to live in Brazil.
Want to buy a Panigale Senna? Sorry, you’ve got to live in Brazil.

Remember Ayrton Senna? We don’t, because we don’t watch Formula One racing, but Ducati has decided to name a commemorative version of the Panigale after the driver (he died in a tragic crash in 1994).

If a 2WD sidecar rig is more your style, check out Ural's new Gaucho limited edition rig.
If a 2WD sidecar rig is more your style, check out Ural’s new Gaucho limited edition rig.

The Panigale S Senna is only going to be available in Brazil, and in super low quantities (only 161 will be made). Other than the exhaust and paint options, it sounds as if the bike is basically stock anyway, so North American buyers can console themselves by realizing they aren’t missing out on much.

Meanwhile, there’s also a new special edition in the function-over-form end of the motorcycle spectrum. Ural has released a new limited-production sidecar rig, in conjunction with Pendleton Blankets. Yes, you read that right.

Apparently, the Russian motorcycle manufacturer decided a blanket from the US-based company would be the perfect accessory to add to their cowboy-themed 2WD sidecar. Along with the funky blanket, there’s an old-school camping set included on the bike, and a canvas sidecar cover. Louis L’Amour would be so proud.

If you want one, you’d better speak up fast. They’re only making 50 of them, and they’re going for $14,350 in the US (no word on whether they’re coming into Canada).


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  1. Okay, so here’s a question: Pic 7 of 20 shows a second Senna behind the Panigale. That second does not appear to be either an 848 evo or an 899 Panigale, judging from the bodywork. Or perhaps it’s an 848 with new panels? Hmmmm.

  2. “Remember Ayrton Senna? We don’t, because we don’t watch Formula One racing”.
    Well, a billion do.

    If you don’t like the bike, don’t insult the man, the sport, or the country.

    May 1, 1994. I packed up my gear at Shanny and headed to Kingston.
    My ex-wife and I had a deal. She would tape the races, and not spoil
    the result; I, in turn, would not shoot her in the face. I spoke to her by
    phone before I left.

    On my way to purchase, pay and arrange transport of an NS400r, 1050
    CHUM oldies radio station news report announced Ayrton’s death.

    In all my years, I had never heard them mention, in any form, anything to
    do with motor-racing. THAT is how important Ayrton was in Canada.

    Imagine Brazil.

  3. File both of these under, “Who gives a crap?

    16 Senna Panigales only available in Brazil is relevant….. because?

    And a “special edition” Ural? Hahahahahaha. Good joke.

  4. That Ural looks great. If I ever become lucky enough to have a stable of bikes, that right there would be a rider right there. Perfect Sunday afternoon bike, grab the kids and putt around.

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