Online gear retailer expands Canadian business

All this, and more, at
All this, and more, at
All this, and more, at

Online motorcycle gear manufacturer LeatherUp is expanding their Canadian business, by opening a new Canadian-facing website.

Their new website offers the same sort of gear they’ve been carrying all along on their U.S. site (they sell jackets, pants, gloves and helmets from Xelement, Vulcan, Outlaw and Hawk0, but it’s priced in Canadian dollars. The company’s general manager says they did spend some time tailoring their lineup to Canadian needs (no pun intended), as some items don’t sell well in Canada. If you want a Stars-and-Stripes leather vest, you might be out of luck.

Most of the gear on the site seems cruiser-oriented; along with jackets and pants and that motorcycling essential, the do-rag, you can also buy studded leather saddlebags, which will certainly provide tough-guy street cred when parked in front of your local coffee shop. Don’t be surprised if the local one-percenter clubs come calling.

There’s also a toll-free number for Canadian customers to call with concerns. If you don’t mind sharing your email address, you can sign up with LeatherUp and they’ll send you promo codes to take advantage of  sales.


  1. Geez, a plug for a site selling cheap leather crap made in China? How about helping us find quality, made in Canada leather goods. Or even made in the US. They may cost more, but they’ll last a lifetime. Support our local economies please.

    • When Canadians start sending us the information about their efforts, we’d be happy to share it. We’re a fan of made-in-Canada, and quality in general. I think our track record shows this. However, on last Friday morning, there didn’t seem to be any Canadian manufacturers sharing stories about their latest projects with us, so I am afraid this will have to do.

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