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One big jump

Have you heard of The One motorcycle show? It’s a big motorcycle custom show in Texas, with all sorts of great one-off bikes. So many, in fact, that show head honcho Thor Drake is trying to put a cool coffee table book about the show. He’s trying to raise money for the project on Kickstarter.

But of course, he needs some incentives for people to sign up. His idea? If he reaches his $60,000 goal, he’s offering to jump a motorcycle over everyone involved with the book.

Hopefully he gets the money, and someone is standing by with a video camera when he does the jump.

Trials and tribulations

If you’ve got a few minutes, watch this video. You don’t need a streetfighter with crash bars, an energy drink sponsorship and a heavy metal soundtrack to demonstrate impressive control over a motorcycle.

Iranians gone wild

Speaking of stunt riding stereotypes, it appears that North Americans aren’t the only stunt riders wearing baggy pants these days. Thankfully, most of them stop well short of culottes and berets, which is what this up-and-coming soon Iranians stunted appears to be wearing.

And by up-and-coming, we mean up over his handlebars and coming down hard. Watch and see for yourself.

Flaming out

If this was your job description, you'd think safety issues would be taken for granted.
If this was your job description, you’d think safety issues would be taken for granted.

Michael Gaboff is suing his employer for a workplace injury. He says he was forced into unsafe work and he deserves a million dollars, for injuries suffered on the job. Sounds reasonable, right?

But, there’s more to the story. Gaboff is a professional stuntman, who was doubling for Nicholas Cage on the latest Ghost Rider movie, when he was involved in a very nasty accident, seen in the video below.

Which leads us to this question – if you’re jumping motorcycles over rivers for a living, shouldn’t your insurance dues be paid up?

After all, crashes are part of the job. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the flaming motorcycle leathers!


This is what happens when a hillclimb goes wrong

Marketing mishap

Read the marketing blurb carefully, then take a look at the Suzuki’s motor.

Savage marketing


  1. It’s about the V-twin rumble, not the V-twin. So nothing wrong with it, in my view, so long as the engine rumbles like a V-twin.

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