CMG scoop! Details released for new Indian motorcycle, other companies react

The Custer's sidestand.
This teaser photo shows the new Indian's Reserve™ technology.
This teaser photo shows the new Indian’s Reserve™ technology.

It’s April; the riding season is upon us, and while we’re still waiting for Indian’s new motorcycle to be named (they unveiled the motor last month), we do have some details about the new bike, in an exclusive CMG scoop.

First up, the new motor is designed from the ground up to be eco-friendly. In an effort to reduce the amount of wasted gas, the new bike will shut off as soon as it’s shifted into neutral.

This new technology, dubbed Idle No More™, is said to greatly help fuel efficiency.

To help riders power away from stop lights, Indian has also tweaked their transmission for faster gear changes. It features all-new Affirmative Action™ technology, to help riders get ahead coming off the line.

It’s not all about performance, though. Indian is also very concerned about reliability. To help you complete your trip without any snags, each bike will come standard with the new A-Patch-E™ tire repair kit.

All bikes will also come with a new Treaty™ warranty, guaranteed for life, but we’re a little sceptical on whether it will be honoured for that long.

The Custer's sidestand.
The Custer’s sidestand.

Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson is said to be very concerned about the new threat from Indian, and is supposedly working on their own new retro-styled model to counter their competition.

Dubbed the Custer™, the new machine is said to be all torque but still faces overwhelming odds. Despite this, a Motor Company insider said that “they’re sending in the cavalry to insure that it makes it’s mark in history, one way or another”.


  1. Should a federally “Canadian Heritage” sponsored $$ internet magazine really be making fun of First Nations people??? Pull your head out.

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