Honda to build another monkey bike

Honda;s new monkey bike is not coming to Canada - yet.
The new machine will be available in yellow, white and red.
The new machine will be available in yellow, white and red.

As much as we like to talk about the CB750, the CBX1000 and the CBR600, it was pint-sized “monkey bikes” that turned many customers to the Honda brand in years gone by. Now, they’re building another similar model.

The new bike, called the  MSX125, will go on sale on the global market in 2013. It’s a little more high-tech than the monkey bikes of the past – it has 31 mm USD shocks, LED tail-lamp and an LCD digital dash. Wheels are 12-inch units front and rear, and there’s a 220 mm disc brake in front and 190 mm disc brake in back. It has a 5.5 litre fuel tank, weighs 102 kg (we don’t know if that’s a wet or dry weight) and four-speed gearbox.

The motor (same unit that’s found in Honda’s Wave) puts out about 9 hp.


  1. Unfortunately Honda Canada has no current plans to import it, but they also say that they just found out about it too, so maybe they can be convinced otherwise …

  2. Not a Scrambler ? ..
    An Urban Assault Monkey !!!!
    Is the Ruckus jealous ?
    Would it qualify for the Mad Bastard ?
    So many questions.

  3. Must….have….Monkey….Bike!!!!! Power slides! Wheelies! Stoppies! Adoring gazes from young Asian hotties! Oh My!!!!

    That is a cool looking little urban assault bike though.

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