New Honda Grom

Honda;s new monkey bike is not coming to Canada - yet.
Honda's new monkey bike is the Grom in Canada
Honda’s new monkey bike is the Grom in Canada

What happens when news editor Zac goes on a bike ride to Arizona and Editor ‘Arris misses the cue to keep an eye on the news for a couple of day’s while Zac is offline? We miss a new Honda release that’s what.

Though the bike had been unveiled as an MSX125 earlier there was no word on whether it would come to Canada or not. Well, word, it’s coming. Although Honda Canada have not announced pricing or timing, they have announced that it’ll be called the Grom and it’ll be available in Pearl Red or Metallic Black.

More info from our original tory can be found here. And then there’s this funky KTM-style video from Thailand too:


  1. I think I would have preferred the Alpha Numeric name…GROM? Hmmm. Different concept with the scooter sized 12″ wheels & 125cc engine, although a decent one from the CBR125R…bet you see them in the learn to ride schools.


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