Suzuki Canada staying in the car business

Suzuki is keeping their U.S. motorcycle division alive, at least for now, but their move to close their automobile division in the U.S. raises all sorts of questions.

Yesterday, the online mags from the U.S. were abuzz with news that Suzuki wasn’t selling cars any longer in the U.S.; however, they’re still going to sell cars in Canada.

The news from the U.S. had American Suzuki Motor Corp. declaring bankruptcy and focusing on motorcycles, quads, and the like. They won’t be selling cars in the U.S. any longer.

However, the Financial Post says they’re not making the same move in Canada; in fact, they say their car business is growing.

The real question is this: With their automobile sales gone, and their motorcycle lineup fairly stagnant for the last few years (they’ve introduced a few new models, but nothing too earth-shattering), what are Suzuki’s long-term plans for the U.S.? How long will they continue their motorcycle business there, and how will that affect their lineup?

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