Polaris expands test facilities

Now you can buy a Boardwalk, and return it if you don't like it.
In the ongoing economic downturn, it’s encouraging to hear a company like Polaris is looking forward.

If you’re building motorcycles, you need to be able to test them.

Polaris, in particular, plans to build a lot of motorcycles, it seems. First they went and bought Indian. now, they’re starting a huge expansion at their test facility in Wyoming, Minnesota. Yeah, the town name threw us off, too.

The test facility was founded in 2005; it takes up 126,000 square feet now, and Polaris is adding another 144,000 square feet. That’s a pretty significant expansion.

Polaris builds a lot of off-road vehicles, and the new facility will likely have a lot to do with those machines. But, it’s encouraging to see the company moving forward at a time when so much of the powersports industry is in decline.

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