Ducati production hindered

Get your Diavel's side stand checked out.
If you wish to help earthquake victims in Italy, see if your local Ducati Club is collaborating with the World Ducati Week fundraiser.

Last month’s earthquake in the Emilia region of Italy and following aftershocks haven’t damaged Ducati’s factory, but production is going to be slowed down anyway.

Ducati CEO Gabriele Del Torchio says his company’s facility in Bologna is OK, but suppliers have had their operations slowed or halted due to the continuing earthquake activity.

As a result, he says some buyers may have to wait a little longer for their new bike to show up.

While Ducati’s factory was undamaged, many Ducati employees saw their houses damaged or destroyed in the earthquakes.

To help them, Ducati clubs around the world are organizing a fundraiser for earthquake victims, with funds to be presented to Del Torchio on June 23, during World Ducati Week. You can learn more about that fundraiser here.


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