Bombardier makes production changes

We're happy to see more Spyders being built, but we're still waiting for the rebirth of Can-Am's two-wheeler lineup.

Bombardier is making changes to their production that will enable them to build more Spyders.

From a Canadian perspective, the biggest change is that they’re moving personal watercraft production from their facility in Valcourt, Quebec, to a new plant in Mexico. This will enable them to build more Spyders in Quebec, to meet growing demand.

They’ll also be moving engine assembly from their existing Mexican plant in Juarez to the new facility, enabling the Juarez plant build more ATVs and side-by-sides.

It’s great to see more Spyders being built, but a downside of these moves is that jobs are moving with the production. BRP figures about 500 jobs will be affected over the next 18-36 months; the company is offering employees other positions inside or outside the company, as well as retirement packages, so they don’t have to lay off as many workers

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