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Greatest hits … and misses

Here’s a roundup of some more motorcycle goof-ups, courtesy of YouTube.

And here’s a couple more that didn’t make the “best-of” list.

Isle of Man madness

Hutchinson vs. seagull, at top speed. It looks like Hutchinson won. Photo:

This week at the Isle of Man TT, Ian Hutchinson has had to face his greatest enemy. No, it wasn’t fear itself … it was a seagull.

Don’t believe us? Check out this photo from his practice session, when Hutchinson hit the bird at 170 mph, shattering his windscreen.

It looks like the meeting probably ruffled a few feathers, but Hutchinson didn’t have a bird – he kept on racing after some bodywork repairs.

Mix three of these guys together, and you've got a cow-catching dynamo.

A Macho Man

Who you gonna call when there’s a 1,500-pound bull on the loose in your neighbourhood?

Ghostbusters wouldn’t be much  help, so when Fresno, California had a belligerent bovine on the loose, they called in motorcycle cop Tom Hardin.

As if it wasn’t enough to channel two members of the Village People as a biker and police officer, Hardin then started to channel a third; Hardin, a former cowboy, roped the bull and got him into a cow trailer.

We’re not sure what he did after apprehending the cow, but we suspect he found a construction worker and an Indian,  quit his job, got some disco boots, and went on the road performing such hits as In the Navy and Y.M.C.A.

Story source: LA Times

The bike of choice for probation meetings.

Bike bandit

People steal motorcycles for all sorts of reasons; some crooks sell them for parts, some just want a machine without having to pay for it. But here at Friday Fudge, we’ve never seen a case like a recent one from Florida, where a 35-year-old Tavares Antwan Lewis allegedly made off with a 1982 Goldwing.

His reason for supposedly stealing the two-wheeler? He needed to make his probation appointment. Lewis was on probation for a case last year when his driver’s licence was suspended for – surprise, surprise – habitual traffic offenses. He was busted for driving anyway.

While it seems wacky to steal a motorcycle to go to court, the story doesn’t end there. The victim in the case was his mother, who says the suspect not only stole her motorcycle, but took a shower in her house before he made off with the machine. After all, you’ve got to look good if you want to attract the ladies aboard your bike – even if you stole it from your mother.

And if you think about it, the Goldwing is a natural choice to ride to a probation meeting – after all, you could tell the officer you’re one of those nicest people you meet on a Honda.

Story source: Visordown

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