Stoner denies rumours of retirement plans

Casey Stoner says he's not ready to turn his back on his racing career just yet.

Fresh off this week’s rumours that he’s planning to leave MotoGP racing, Casey Stoner has flat-out denied the gossip.

Stoner said as long as he was still having fun, he wouldn’t retire. Still, it seems that he only wants to sign one-year contracts from now on, giving him freedom to walk away when he wants to.

But wanting the option to walk away doesn’t mean Stoner plans to leave – that might have just been wishful thinking on the part of Euro motorcycle mags. Stoner put it best when he said this: “Everybody’s good at producing stories in this championship.”

Meanwhile, this weekend takes Stoner to Portugal’s Estoril track, the only one he hasn’t won at in his MotoGP career. Due to financial and logistical issues, this will likely be the last race at Estoril for a while, so if he’s going to win at this track, it will likely have to be this weekend.

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