Bazzazz to sponsor CSBK national amateur championship

CSBK racers can now use Bazzazz parts that have been approved by the series. Photo: Rob MacLennan

Performance parts manufacturer Bazzazz will sponsor the Canadian Superbike Amateur National Championship class this season.

The amateur class was launched in 2011 to complement the feature Pro Superbike division; Jody Greening of Burlington, ON, won the class riding Honda and Yamaha equipment. Now, it’ll be known as the Bazzaz Amateur Superbike National Championship.

The move doesn’t just mean CSBK has picked up another needed sponsor; now, racers can also use Bazzazz parts, if they wish.

“This agreement came about through racer and tuner input, and we want to do our best to listen to competitor needs and suggestions,” CSBK principal Kevin Graham says.  “Many racers and teams have requested the option of using Bazzaz products in the Canadian series, so we have homologated the Z-FI QS fuel injection/quickshift units for this year’s CSBK Sport Bike classes and Z-FI TC fuel injection/quickshift/traction control units for our Superbike classes.”

Bazzazz ‘s U.S.-based boss, Ammar Bazzaz, says there’s plenty of demand for his company’s parts in Canada already. They’ll be distributed through Motovan, in Canada.

Bazzazz says the chance to partner with CSBK was too good to pass up, even though his company isn’t based in Canada.

“We love motorcycle racing world-wide,” he says. “When the opportunity presented itself to join forces with CSBK on the Canadian National series, we knew we needed to jump on board.”

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